What is Secure Mail?

If your requirement is to secure your data then you are in the right place. Secure Mail is an affordable, easy to use email application along with high levels of security and very strong privacy policies to protect your information at all costs. All emails whether stored or in transit are encrypted to ensure maximum security along with hardware level security and encryption process in secured data centers wherein even our employees don’t have access too.

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Your Privacy is Our Concern

With Secure Mail your privacy is our topmost priority. Our service has been designed to fulfill our commitment to your privacy. By employing industry standard privacy practices, we ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your data. Secure Mail does not indulge in data mining. We do not use your information to fuel targeted advertisements, and no ads are displayed in Secure Mail.

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why us?

Data Security & Privacy

Our mail servers have a top-grade security to ensure the highest levels of protection. Secure Mails or any third parties have zero access to user data.

End-to-End Encryption

All your emails stored on our servers are encrypted. Your email and files are encrypted from the moment the data is sent until it is received.

Control Panel

The Admin control panel has all the settings you need for configuration and customization. You can add and manage users, set up policies, customize the look, and much more.

Open Source

Our product is built on open source and hence we offer the basic email free of cost. We have used open source technology to create a high-quality product that benefits the global community.

Simple to Use

Secure Mails has very simple user interface and you can use it without difficulty or effort. We also have native mobile apps so that you can access your emails even when you're not at your desk.

Integrated Calendar

Secure Mails comes with integrated calendar which allow you to create events and keep it private. You can also organize your daily, weekly and monthly calendar and see your schedule in just a few clicks.

Secured Email Service with intuitive design

Get access to beautifully designed yet simple to use email interface. No need to worry on security and privacy, as our email service is end to end encrypted.

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